Huge Savings on Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning from AAHS

Huge Savings on Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning from AAHS

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            $380 value for only $139!

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Mission Statement
As cleaning professionals we guarantee your satisfaction on every job. We strive to be the most professional and thorough company in the entire industry from the initial scheduling of your appointment to the completion of the work.

About Us
For more than 11 years AAHS has been providing carpet and upholstery cleaning for KC and all areas, saving our customers from having to prematurely replace carpet and furniture.

Carpet Cleaning
All of our products are safe and nontoxic for children and the environment. We use a deep scrub dry foam to thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet yarn. It takes less than 4 hours for the carpet to dry completely. Our 2 man crew moves and replaces your standard furniture.

Included in our cleaning process:
1) Our technicians vacuum your carpets thoroughly to remove any loose dust, dirt, debris, and hair. (Note if your current cleaning company isn't giving your carpet an initial vacuuming before starting the cleaning, keep in mind when adding water to dirt you make mud).

2) O
ur technicians will pre-treat your carpet thoroughly for any and all soil, spots, and spills. A pre-treatment of your carpet is very important it turns most of your spots and spills back to a liquid which makes them easy to remove.
3) Our technicians use a 100 pound scrub machine giving the carpet a very deep scrub which is safe and gentle to the carpet fiber. By using our scrub machine we are able to break loose the dirt that is trapped in most walk ways and high traveled areas. This allows the carpet to be soft and fluffy like when the carpet was new it also relieves some pressure from the pad which helps prevent premature carpet replacement.

4) In the final step we use a nylon pile lifter (carpet rake) which raises the carpet nap to its fullest height leaving the carpet looking new or almost new again.

Upholstery Cleaning
All of our products are safe and nontoxic for children and the environment. Our technicians clean your upholstered fabric thoroughly. It is cleaned entirely by hand with very little moisture. This is done for two reasons:

1) to insure that every square inch of your furniture, and both sides of your cushions are cleaned completely.

most cleaning tags and furniture manufacturers recommend your furniture is cleaned this way. This is so that the fabric doesn't wrinkle or water stain and the foam in the cushions isn't over saturated causing them to have a musty odor, or could even cause mold and mildew.

Our company takes every precaution to make sure you get the healthiest and best quality cleaning experience for all your fabric needs. Leather upholstery can be cleaned as well.

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